Saturday, January 28, 2012

What's Your View?

This is the view out our windows. We've had to dig ourselves out so we could get some light! It took a while to get our snow pack, but now it's here to stay for a while!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Yes, we have some snow!!! This is what we got the past two days...

The girl's sled run!

Last night! We couldn't even clean out our own driveway. ITD had to come and dig us out.

The joy of living in Powell!! We got 3 1/2 feet of snow in two days!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas with the Swansons

Long over due! Finally I got this post done. I've been working on it for the past week. My picture wouldn't load up for me, but I got it done.

We had  a wonderful time with the whole Swanson family( eight extra people staying with us and mom and dad stayed at the Lodge down the road). Everyone came up on Friday and were here for a long weekend. We had a few problems, such as our water pump quit on us and we had no water Christmas day. SO after a good cry I caved and we used paper plates and napkins. I didn't even get to use my new cloth napkins that we just bought. Oh well. A glass (or two) of champagne did wonders.

The week before Christmas the girls got to open one gift a night.  Which really help them enjoy every little thing. Even if it was just socks one of the nights.
Here they're open their dresses from Auntie Holly and Uncle Ryan.

Boxing Uncle Pat

Christmas Eve we had our traditional brunch of Sticky buns, pineapple with raspberries, scrambled eggs with deer sausage.

New drink for us instead of Mimosas we did Rodolph's Nose (cranberry cherry juice, vodka, triple sec and champagne with raspberries) Very Good!!

Zach and Audrey getting ready for opening gifts on Christmas eve!

Josiah and Cora just chilling

New sleds for the girlies which they have throughly enjoyed!

Grandma and Klara

Melissa and Jeremy

Autie Nola's first visit to Powell!

Audrey's new fishing pole

I made this letters for each of the nices and nephews

Cora's new sleeping bag

No, don't worry the beer is not Cora's and nether is the hat (she stole both of them)!

the crazyness of the Swansons!

Tara, Nola and I

Zach's letter

Our big surprise was Josiah open this T-shirt gift last to let us all know that Melissa is due in August!

Christmas Eve mom made green apple and Jarlsburg panini's and Melissa made tortilla soup! Amazing!

Christmas morning after church and before stocking opening!
wearing their new dresses
All the kiddos!

Who knows what Cora is thinking here!

Christmas dinner of Moose backstrap with a Tarrogon Barnise sauce, spinach salad with feta, roasted red potatoes and Flourless chocolate cake infused with cherry liquire.

the bros

the ladies