Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fishing Outing

We took the girls fly fishing down the Locsha the other weekend (the one where we had some sun), and the girls had so much fun. Here we're eating lunch and trying to stay warm (34 degrees), but there is some sun!

our little fisher girl!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Celebration

I hope and pray that you all had a very special and blessed Easter weekend celebrating our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ's death and resurrection.

We had a wonderful weekend with Uncle Pat (Lucas' younger brother). We did our celebrating on Saturday so the girls would have happy and joyful hearts and so Pat could enjoy it with us and not have to head home so soon on Sunday. The weekend was the best weather we've had so far, I even got a sun burn!! Then it snowed on Monday. Can't wait for good weather all the time.

Our Family picture from Easter morning. Sorry it's not the best picture quality, but it was the best picture of the all of us.

The girl's egg hunt in the house AGAIN this year. But Cora and Audrey had fun anyway.

Cora's first egg hunt and she caught on to what she was suppose to do very quickly.
"Please chocolate, Uncle Pats?"

Love this hiding spot for the egg.

"Please Daddy?"

Not in your white shirt.

Poor, poor pitiful me!

"ove (love) you."

Bubble blowing on the porch.

Easter dinner

Elk steaks with creamy Gorgonzola sauce, rice pilaf, and green beans.

topped off with Blackberry Cheesecake.

blackberries that we picked last summer

Sunday morning

in their Easter dresses

Audrey's was from Lizzie and Cora's was Audrey's 2 years ago.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Trip - Take 4

These pictures are from our trip to Mount Vernon. The kiddos had never been and we showed up a few days after the lambs were born. So sweet and the rain held off until we left.

I love this picture of Dan and the boys.

What a beautiful view of the Potomac from the deck. As you can see they were re-planting the grass.

I found it so beautiful, all the glorious colors of spring.

George Washington's tomb.

George and Martha's coffins are shown here.

The conservatory. It was wood feed 24/7 during the winter, so they could have orange trees and some tropic flowers and bushes.

A fun picture in the children's section of the museum.

We had a lot of fun at the National Rifle Museum. Some really amazing weapons.

That a look at that bullet in the gun case below! WOW!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Trip - Take 3

We took a day off of sightseeing for some R & R and some fun time with the kiddos!

their favorite game... Uncle Lucas playing the tickle game (tag, but tickling instead of tagging).

Dan, Lucas and I took Jake and Gabe to one of the playgrounds by their house.

Monkey see...
Monkey do!



crawling through the bushes. Are they Marine kiddos, or what?

Born to be Marines!

Jor Jor (Jordan)!


Such a happy and smiley baby!

playing the tickle game

Sam (glued to Uncle Lucas)


I really wasn't sure how the kiddos would do with us, just because Lizzie and Sam were so little when they left Moscow and Jake really didn't know us (since he was just a baby), but they all love spending time with us so much. We didn't get as much time with Lizzie and Sam (being at school) but it was so much fun being with them. I pray that we will have many times together.