Saturday, February 28, 2015

A day late and a dollar short...

...Well more like 13 days late! But better late then never.
Our beautiful and intelligent Audrey turned 7 on Feb. 15th! I can't believe that my oldest is already 7. She's so smart, strong (which can be a big challenge, but looking forward to her channeling that strength in the right direction), beautiful, helpful and loving.
She's enjoying (most of the time) 1st grade, loves helping me round the house, playing with her sisters and just being a little girl! She's really looking forward to hunting birds next year when she turns 8 and one day owning her own horse and ranch! 

Audrey seven years in pictures...

Keeping her trigger finger warm!

1st birthday

2nd birthday 

Third birthday

4 birthday 

5th birthday

6th birthday

7th birthday

May God continue to grow you into a young lady that loves Him and serves Him.
We love you so much.
Happy Birthday!