Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Has it been since July that I've posted anything??!! Well, that's what it's telling me. So it's time to get this thing started.


August. I turned 37, yes I know I'm pushing 40, but it's just a number, right? (I keep telling myself that!)

We started school my 4 year homeschooling the girls.

and peanut.
Also got my first black bear in Boundary County on opening day (a first for me) which has given me a total of 12 black bears.

Cora turned 7. My spunky, smart, beautiful go getter, lover of Jesus and silly girl all around.

October just went by with lots of schooling and lots of rain, some duck hunting and some deer hunting.

November. We had Thanksgiving at our home with the Swanson brothers and families. 

December to follow...