Monday, March 22, 2010

Up-date Time

three out of the five Swanson cousins

Grandpa and Audrey

Fish on! It was a little "too big" for Audrey to pull in, so Grandpa helped.

Daddy and Audrey fishing while in Tri-Cities WA.

Lucas and Audrey stayed with his folks while Cora and I went to CA to surprise my mom with a visit. I don't have any pictures from CA developed, but Holly posted some on her blog.


Stef said...

I love seeing your updates and hearing about your lives! I think its neat because you guys really are a mountain family and experience so many different things than we do! Your kids are so lucky and are getting to see things first hand that most kids don't.

Love the updates, Cola!!

swanee4theflowers said...

These are great, Cola! Will you email me the one of Audrey with her beads and also the best one of her fishing? Thanks a lot!