Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Pt. 3 - Breakfast, Gifts and Stockings

I started my day at 5:30, with a shower and getting the sticky buns in the oven. We then had breakfast of pecan sticky buns, bear sausage and scrambled eggs with Mimosas.
Sorry, I didn't take any pictures of breakfast.

Cora drinking orange juice out of the mini "wine" glass. She loved it.

Cora opening her stocking on my lap. We got the girls coon skin caps. What a blast it was watching them playing with their caps.

Audrey on daddy's lap.

sunglasses and M & M's in their stockings.
Cora got a lab puppy.
princess jammies for Audrey

a dress for Cora

Audrey wanted a sleeping bag to take with her to the grandparent's house.

I think Cora loved it has much as Audrey.

A new scarf and beanie made by Auntie Holly. You did a great job, Holly.

chilling with daddy and puppy, wearing daddy's new beanie.

boxes are always the best toy, though!

Audrey and I with our gift from Holly. Audrey didn't take it off for a couple of hours! She loves beanies.

dress-ups from Bama (grandma) and Papa Swanson. Bama is the name Audrey gave mom Swanson!
Cora in a dress-up
Over all we had a great day with Papa and Gaga (mom and dad Reiter). It was so fun being at our home and having my parents with us celebrating with our family. What a precious time we all had.


Holly D. said...

I'm so glad the girls like their gifts! They look so cute! You look so beautiful and happy! Still love the new 'do! Miss you!

Erin said...

You hair cut just looks so cute, Cola!
I love the gifts from Holly on all your girls. Sweet!
What a Merry Christmas. :)