Thursday, May 12, 2011

Lions & Tigers & Bears, OH MY

Last night Lucas and I had a "bait date". It was the second time we had gone out bear hunting and... it turned out great! We sat on the bait for about two and a half hours and then this beauty came in. A chocolate red boar! What a beautiful bear. I put one shot in him and he was done. What an adrenaline rush it is to hunt bears. We were sitting in a tree stand and just watching him and it was so cool. My husband has got me hooked on hunting. I had so much fun! Lucas said it was a great birthday gift (his birthday is today).

I'm looking forward to the fall when I can hunt them again!


Stef said...! That's a HUGE bear!
I imagine bait hunting is something like hide-n-go-seek... but with WAY more adrenaline than playing a game with family/friends :)
I've still never used a gun, so I'm sure I'd just be lovely at it ;-)
Hoping to go to the shooting range with Jason soon and learn - maybe you can give me some tips :)

Lauren said...

Oh my!

Nicole Covington said...

Way to go, Cola!