Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cora's Party

Before the Party


Look how they're both holding their hands!

cake (note to self don't try holding any kind of form with cream frosting)

This is the most children we've had for a birthday. It was so much fun. A couple of the boys were from our "neighborhood" and a couple from church. (I think we need some girls!)

gift opening

very good friend Amber and Karis (who I think is adorable).

So many "helpers"

Cora's big girl "bike"

Look at that smile!

notice Audrey?

We are so blessed with Cora in our lives. We thank God daily for her, and her sweet prayers, her humor, love, soft heart (though stubborn) and smiles. We look forward to many, many more years watching her grow.

Happy Birthday my sweet Cora!


Holly D. said...

I love the decorations and the cake!!! How'd you make it? The girls are getting so big! I miss them lots and lots :( Give them big kisses and hugs from Auntie Holly, please!

Stef said...

looks like such a fun party! I also love the decorations - very creative!

Clattie Skiles said...

Love the cupcake theme!

Christine Cohen said...

Love that cupcake cake! Nice job!

Nicole Covington said...

Happy happy birthday!!! Great job on the cake, Cola!

Erin said...

Happy times! What fun.
(I have the same big cupcake mold!)