Monday, April 5, 2010


at church

Cora and Mommy time

this is how we chill our sparkling wine at Powell

after church in their Easter dresses

sisters in 'Daddy loves me' outfits

egg hunt inside again this year

in her dress from Gaga and Papa (my parents)
I can't reach it mommy!


can we have a holiday without shooting? I don't think so!

Audrey in Easter best with pink rubber boots and Harley Davidson jacket


Holly D. said...

Cola! The girls are SO adorable and I love your new family picture! Can you e-mail me the fam pic? Thanks! I love you all!

Stef said...

looks like fun! what a beautiful family! We had an indoor egg hunt this year too. I also LOVE how you chill your wine ;)
The picture of you and Cora is a great one!