Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dress Up Time

The other day my sister sent Audrey and Cora dress ups that were Lizzie's. So the girls had to play and don't they look wonderful. They have had so much fun dressing up. Audrey had worn them everyday since she got them! I'm so glad that my girls are enjoying them. My sisters and I use to have so much fun dressing up and playing make believe, that I want my girls to have the same experience.

I love this picture of Audrey!

I love the expression on Cora's face.


Stef said...

CUTE! That last picture of Cora is adorable - she looks so proud of herself :)

My girls love dress-ups too and when I see and hear them playing, it brings back such fond memories of childhood.

Krista said...

Elijah and Elena love to play dress up too! It is so cute to watch. And your girls have the best expressions in these pictures! I can tell they are both quite the characters. :)

Jess said...

The girlies look so cute! Lizzie's dress-ups. I wish we lived close so the cousins could play dress-ups together. We all had such great adventures and I know our kids would too! Love ya!