Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Beauty of Duck Hunting

Most of you know that duck hunting is not my favorite.  I'm not very good with the shot gun and fast moving objects, you have to get up way to early (2-3:30am), you stand in cold water or sit on the cold ground and I really don't like to eat duck. Get the point?!
But after seeing the beauty in these pictures I can start to see the love my husband has for waterfowl hunting. These picture were taken in January in Washington during the annual Swanson brothers duck hunt.

Lucas and Bandit fixing the duck decoys.

Maybe I'll have to give it another try next year.

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Holly D. said...

I love the first and last pictures! It really is pretty. However, I've done the 3:30AM thing and it still sucks! ;) Love you!