Thursday, May 10, 2012

That makes 5...

Yesterday afternoon, Lucas, I and the girls all headed out to hunt for a bear. Lucas kept the girls at the river playing with Bandit and goofing off, while I hiked into the bear bait to hunt for a while. After sitting in the tree stand for 3 1/2 hours (good reading time) I looked up and there was a beautiful chocolate color phase black bear. I slowly lowered my book and watched as he slid the stick out of the bait barrel and started licking the barrel. My heart was pounding so fast and the adrenaline was pumping, I slowly raised my rifle, tried to steady my breathing and fired. Well, here's the result.

A 5 1/2ft. 127 lb. (in the fall this bear would probably double his weight) boar with a beautiful coat.

I love that the girls enjoy Lucas and I hunting and get so excited about it. Though Audrey was a bit up-set because she wanted to shoot the chocolate bear (we had been seeing a black and this chocolate bear on the trail camera) and I was supposed to shoot the black one. I had to tell her by the time she would be able to hunt big game (12 years old for Idaho) that this bear would probably be gone already. But the girls were still very happy for mommy. Cora kept telling me, "good job, mommy"! I love my girls. So supportive.

In this picture Cora had just told me that she couldn't said, "cheese" so she hid in the bushes.

I love that my husband gave me my love and desire to hunt. I love that he watches the girls so I can have some time to get out there and hunt.
Thank you Lucas, I love you.
Thank you God for this freedom, to get out in the woods and enjoy ALL Your blessings, from the birds singing, to shooting a bear.


Holly D. said...

Nice one Cola!

Stef said...

Awesome! You caught a BIG one! I think its very neat how you guys have turned this into a fun, family thing. I bet someday your kids will tell you these made some of the best memories.

Clattie Skiles said...

Great job Cola!! It's so neat that you and Lucas get to do this Gods Country!! The girls are soo cute out there with you guys!