Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Swanson Summer Happenings and Renovation #2

The girls got to go to Vacation Bible School for the first time and absolutely loved it.

The way we beat the heat when it was 90 degrees inside the house. Though it was a little small for the whole fam, but we did it anyway. 

Then came the upgrade. 

4th of July smoked ribs from our neighbors welcoming us to the neighborhood. They were so delicious.

The way to cook in the summer
Elk shish kabobs 

A first for me cooking fresh crab 

I made crab cakes 

A short visit from GG who gave the girls princess crowns. 

 How can I not take a picture of my little thug?!

Including her bull trout fish tattoo! 

Our dinning room transformation


I finally got my red kitchen wall!!

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Stef said...

you guys have done amazing work! (and yes, that summer was a hot one. I'm totally excited about winter!)