Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow

This morning he had our first snow! We all got out of bed and rushed out without jackets, gloves, hat etc... to play in the snow!
eating the snow

without the flash
with the flash. Don't ask me what happen here.
I just love the first snow! It's so wonderful having a fire burning in our wood stove and snow on the ground, I'm ready for winter!!! Bring on the snowmobile and sleds and snowball fights, hot cocoa and Christmas music (well, if truth be told I've been listening to Christmas since the end of September) : ). Who says you can only listen during Christmas time?!
Have a happy day!


Stef said...

We always listen to Christmas music early too :)
I believe the snow fall - its been freezing cold here at night! I'm holding out for some good snow fall this year. We shall see!

Kathryn Church said...

Gorgeous!!! I'm really getting the Christmas bug now!