Thursday, September 9, 2010


Last night Lucas and I went out bear hunting, what an exciting time we had! When we got to our bear blind we could hear some bears stomping around and gnashing their teeth, so we snuck in and waited. While we were in the blind we kept hearing them stomp around us, so we opened three sides of the blind, Lucas had his 45 drawn and we waited. But we didn't have long to wait (I think it was about 20 minutes) and then I looked out at the bait barrel and there he was coming out from behind a tree! I tapped Lucas' leg and pointed. Lucas reminded me to take my time and after I got my breathing right I switched the safety off the 30-06 Browning (which I need to practice doing quietly because he heard me and turned broad side) and then...
I shot! I got him right in the shoulders and spine. He went down and then started growling! Then he rolled behind a tree and we could still hear him growling so we jumped out of the blind and Lucas took the rifle and put one more shot in him (so he wouldn't roll any farther down the hill).
He's at lease 225 pounds! So Lucas gutted him and then we had the trek out. Lucas carried him up the 50 yards to the top of the saddle and then we pulled him down the hill.
Look at those claws!

Me pulling him down the hill.

What a beauty he is!
It was such an adrenaline rush! I had a great time!


Elijah Tuuri said...

Wow! Very impressive!

swanee4theflowers said...

Craig said you were more pumped than he's ever heard you be. I got the exciting story as soon as I got home from Aileen's shower. Wowzers!