Thursday, September 23, 2010


Last night the girls started dancing with each other it was the first time that they danced with each other and it was so fun to watch. They were laughing so hard the whole time, that they spent a lot of time on the ground. As you can tell by Audrey's hair, they had just gotten out of the bath. I love watching them play together. I love that they are friends and I pray that God will continue to grow them closer as sisters and friends as the years go by.


Jess said...

Cola, they are so precious! It is like looking in a mirror that goes back in time. They look so much like you and I, it is fun to think back to all the fun we had. I am blessed to have you as my sister and one of my best friends. I pray that your girlies will have the pleasure of being buds for life. Love ya

Stef said...

I love these pictures! Sisterly love. So sweet.